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Conferences are typically 2-3 day weekend events, consisting of lectures, group activities, and meals which are provided at no additional cost. Additional information about events sponsored by this organization will also be provided. Please keep in mind that hosting agencies will determine the number of maximum participants; therefore, early registration is advised. We are excited to share this powerful knowledge, so come experience and learn about the benefits of healthy lifestyles!

Online submission of personal information and payment of conference fees is submitted. Conference material may be picked up on site. Thoses who cannot register online are ask to arrive at the conference site at least 30 minutes early in order to complete the registration process. Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes

early to secure best seating.

Plant-base meals (food as grown) include a variety of nutrient-rich fruits, nuts, legumes, grains and vegetables. 

New Steps to Health conferences will provide attendies with information taylored to change habit forming behaviors that lead to addictions, guilt, abuse, neglect, illness, financial hardships, and despair. Dr. Bryce, as well as other experts in the field, present on a wide range of topics that are designed to educate attendies on the subjects of body, mind and spirit.

Registered members are divided into groups to facilitate program accountability. Care Group members, a.k.a. Life Buddies provide lifetime encouragement and accountibility support.  Care group assignments will be provided on a weekly basis. Questions, suggestions, and comments are welcomed. Our goal is for you to experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. A friend is near to assist with the most challenging processes. Contact us.

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