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A sigh of relief: You have made it to the finish line and it's all downhill from here. Just keep up the good work and the body will manifest its fruits of positive reinforcement. Congratulations to a healthier you!


“I got my life back. I’m not tired anymore. I lost 20lbs. I’m off one medicine with the hope that in a few months I can come off two more.”  (B.C.)


“The arteries in my heart were 100% and 90% blocked. Nothing more could be done for me. After being on your program, I lost 54lbs and now walking 2 miles a day and reversed my coronary artery disease.” (D.W.)


“Six months after your seminar, my HbA1c (blood sugar) went from (267) to 6.7 (107), and my diabetes was reversed without medications.” (D.R.)


“I’m all for medicines. I was 200lbs, and now I’m 256lbs. My diabetes is normalized. My blood pressure was 154/90, and now it’s 104/64.” (P. D.)

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