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40-Day Transformational Miracle


What to expect during the 40-Day Miracle: Forty days of exciting challenges and positive transformations. Weight loss, disease reversal, increase energy, clear thoughts, and great health! The first step in the process of change is recognizing the need for change and understanding readiness for change. This program teaches individuals how to overcome barriers and guides him or her to acheive desired goals.  It incorporates healthy eating, introduces super foods needed for ultimate health, reverses negative thought processes, and integrates team support. Meetings are held on a weekly basis for 6 weeks or more. 

The 40-Day Miracle consist of eating a nutrient-rich, plant-based diet for 40-days, as well as, committing to exercise, drinking water, getting proper sleep, allotting time for breaks, establishing equilibrium with the environment, partnering with a physician, and reducing stress.


Nutrition is vital to the process of change. It replenishes the body with powerful minerals which enforce the body's ability to function at peak levels. Food is medicine; therefore, a plant-based diet is all the medication needed to facilitate disease reversal. Plant-based foods, as grown, furnish a variety of nutrients from fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and legumes. Some members speak of experiencing positive changes in as little as 3 days.  


Exercise is equally important; its synergistic effects ensure transformations. When combined with nutrition, the benefits are exceptional. Endorphin activation encourages an overall good feeling and clarity of mind. Unwanted pounds disappears, sleep is now sustained, and stress is reduced. Exercise is truly medicinal.

Water enables the organs of the body to function properly. It transports nutrients, removes toxins, improves metabolism, restores energy, stimulates elimination, and regulates body temperature. Adequate hydration is essential for optimal brain function. Listening to the sounds of water in motion reinforces stress reduction.


Sleep improves memory, lowers inflammation, reduces insulin's resistance and improves metabolism. Studies indicate getting to bed before 10 pm exacerbates the nightly growth hormone surge and not only jump starts the healing process, but increases longevity.



Time Out is knowing when to quit. Taking breaks allows the body to reset itself. We need hourly, daily, and weekly breaks. Think about what happens if you run a cell phone or a computer continuously and never take time to recharge it. The same effect would manifest itself in the body if time was not allotted for resetting. Make time for family, friends, and God.

Equilibrium with the environment is the act of balancing life with nature. Become familiar with your natural environment. Peace and tranquility are experienced in this process. Body, mind, and spirit are transformed: muscles become relaxed, thoughts are easily recalled, and connecting with creation is established. Fresh air promotes vitality of organs. Sunlight stimulates Vitamin D synthesis. Equilibrium expedites weight loss by blocking fat stores of hormones released during stress. 


Partnering with a physician is essential for early diagnosis and prevention of diseases. Reporting new persistent symptoms instead of self- diagnosis is important for early, accurate diagnosis. Carefully following your physician's instructions and having regular follow ups and physical exams help maintain healthy lifestyles. 


Stress Resistant Lifestyle is the key to disease proofing the immune system. Stress is a killer. It sets off a cascade of metabolic disturbances that eventually leads to system malfunction. Chronic, prolonged stress subdues the immune system, consequently making the body vulnerable to illnesses and disease.

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