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Members receive:

Free access to chat room, blog, forum, and newsletter updates 

Online Course Access (Current Conference Members Only)





Current Members consist of members who are actively attending a conference. These individuals are meeting weekly for additional conference sessions .

Alumni Members consist of anyone who is not actively participating in a current conference; however, if you have attended previous conferences and are actively participating in weekly sessions you will be granted access to online courses.

Care Groups

Care groups are registered members who have committed to the 40-day challenge. They are instrumental in bringing about physical, mental, and faith healing and are designed to reinforce efforts in completing the 40-day challenge. Small groups of 3-12 members meet on a regular basis having a common goal of developing relationships, as well as, increasing their knowledge of health and servanthood.


Current Care Group Assignments


The online course material is designed for current care group members only. Members are given weekly assignments. Each weekly assignment is due by midnight Saturday (The Current Week). 

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